Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vintage canning tips

The internet is full of handy little tips!  Here is a site that I found that had canning tips from the 40's &  50's from  I'm still rather new at canning so I thought it was informative.  These are some of their tips:

1. When canning catsup, pour off the watery liquid on top of tomatoes after running through sieve. Your catsup will have a bright red appearance and cooking time will be cut in half.

5.To label jars of food, write on the jar while it is still hot with a bright colored crayon.

10. Make sauerkraut when the moon is new until the first quarter, and the juice will stay on until it is used.

11. That teaspoon off your metal measuring spoons makes a handy gadget for coring fresh pears for canning, salads or desserts. Cut pears in half and then run metal teaspoon around the core. Presto, out it comes in a jiffy!

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